Getting started with streamcub

Welcome to Streamcub! We are excited you are here. Give us a couple of minutes to show you how easy it is to get started with your on line streaming and start watch movies and TV on line!

Step 1 – Create your streamcub account

Signing up with us takes less than 20 seconds and costs you nothing. You only have to give us your email address (as account name) and a password. All communication from us will be sent to this email address and we never give it away to anyone. When you sign up, you will get a activation link sent to your account. Follow this link and you are good to go. Remember to be a little patient, the link email can take up to thirty minutes to arrive and it might end up in your spam folder.

Step 2 – Download and install VLC

Streamcub uses the VLC video player to read media streams. So, to use streamcub you need to install VLC. Don't worry, VLC is probably the best video player on the market and It´s open source.

Download VLC here

Select the install package for your OS, download and install the client.

Step 3 – Login to your streamcub account

Go to customer login found in the top right corner on Enter your email and password and you should be re-directed to the streamcub backend. From here you can check your bandwidth consumption, add torrents to your account, search our cache and stream video!

Let's have a closer look on what you can do here:

1) Search our cache
Press "Search" on the left hand menu bar. You will get a plain search window. Here you can search for anything you like. Try to search for something! You will get a result list with screenshots from each search result item. To the far right you will have three buttons, "Add to my files", "Play in VLC" and "More info on this file". They should all be pretty self-explanatory.

If you want to stream an item in the list, just press the "Play in VLC" and you will get a VLC playlist download. Accept the download and run the playlist. Then your stream should start!

You can also save items to your account for later reference by pressing the "Add to my files" button. All your files will be found under the "My files" button in the left main menu.

2) Add a torrent to your account
To add a torrent, simply go to "My files" in the left hand menu. Add the magnet link, remote URL or info_hash of the torrent and press "ADD". Download will start directly and we will send you a email when it´s done. Here you will also find the download status of all your files.

Step 4 – Get Bandwidth

When you sign up to Streamcub you get 2 Gigabytes of free streaming. When this is out you need to buy more. To purchase bandwidth, go to Dashboard and press "Buy more bandwidth". In the Transaction widget to the far right. This will take you to our bandwidth packages. Select a package and by pressing "buy". Select payment method and press "Review order". Check that all is in order and press "submit order". This will redirect you to either paypal or bitcoin where you follow the instructions to finish the purchase.