Streamcub - secure bittorrent cloud service


Streamcub is a bittorent cloud storage service. You send us your torrents and we download them for you. Fast, reliably and secure. When we have them we can send you an email so you know it´s avaliable in your account. Once in your account, you can use VLC, XBMC or your web browser to stream your content directly.

You can also search our cache for content other users have added, this means you dont have to add torrents that already exists. Simply search for the stuff you are looking for and if you find it, add it to your account and you will have it ready instantly.

VLC - Required


To stream your content, you must install the VLC player. You must install the stand alone VLC client.
Simply go to the VLC download page and get the install package for your OS. Install and you are ready to go.

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Prices and offers

Below is our bandwidh pricing and offers. We colaborate with other companies in this field and we share costs. This means we can offer good prices on our service. And as usual with these things, larger amounts means larger discounts.


€ 1.7

10 GB
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€ 7

50 GB
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€ 13

100 GB
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€ 22

200 GB
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€ 50

500 GB
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€ 88

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